Monday, November 9, 2009

Missing some 1~

the feel is very bad..
dont like the feel..
miss him/her but cant c him/her..
cant touch him/her..
when eating..miss him/her
when slping..miss him/her
when bathing..miss him/her
when on9ing..miss him/her
when smsing..miss him/her
when listening music..miss him/her
when watching movie..miss him/her
doing anything also missing him/her..
sometime will think wat is he/she doing..
is he/she missing some 1?..
he/she bad mood or happy today?
anytime also waiting his/her cal or sms..
hope he/she beside u anytime..

fall in love..
izzit happyness ?
ytd wei yi and wei wen went to my home..
me , my sis and them chat in my bed room..
chat many thing..
lady's talk^^
i think they also learn many thing..
thx teacher bah>>>my sis~^^

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Phobia~nice movie^.^

mushroom and me^.^
ytd me,mushroom,ah xiang and ah wei
went to ts watched movie..
intro u all a movie..
name phobia..
the movie hv 5 story inside..
abit scare..><
but very funny ..
the last story dam funny..
whole cinema clip hand and laught..
very song~^^
hou chi gek..

wish u all enjoy it..=P

Thursday, October 15, 2009

♥Hv a nice day♥

ytd i went to kang le pasar malam..
with wei yi,wei wen,ah ying n their frens..(4 boys)
fetch us go tat boy cal fucky..>< fucking..but Q name also^^
he 18 years old..but he is a boss d..n hv his own car
his car very nice!..><..jealous..
but when he come down from car..
><.......he so short~lolx
haha..ok~intro finish
next boy is cal mango..
erm..he is tallest of 4 boys ><
wei wen told me tat be4 he is a long hair guy..
with colourful~wow
but nw cut jor..
erm..he got abit diam..
but when we go fetch him..
he so funny lor..look around the car..
coz he dunno wan sit whr..
left right all girls..haha
ok~next boy cal mou det jiu~(cant go)..haha
funny name..he also less talkking..
erm..last boy........
i dunno he cal wat name..><
he very thin~coz..he smoke..! -.-
-50% LOL..
when he accompany us walking in kang le..
saw he always no energy><
ytd i bought a specticle..
he taked mine!
and dont wan give back to meT.T
but after tat wei yi help me chiong fan jor..
haha..thx wei yi^^..
after we went to kang le..den go yam cha..
at po'sen..erm..malay boss open de..
no fan!!..very HOT..n many mosquito..
coz thr is like jungle de..many tree..
haha..we so funny lor..
all boys yam ice geh drink..all girls yam hot geh..
i forget to take pic>.<
haha..but nvm..
hv a nice day^^
go n watch tis~chao ji bai..
haha..very funny
eh..dont think im rube orh..
tat song really cal chao ji bai~
go c den noe d de la。。
enjoy it^^

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

♥Welcome to my blog♥

welcome to my blog^^
this is my 1st post..
im just done it ytd..
ytd im too tired~
so write today..
dunno y i feel i hv no mood to write blogger be4..
but now i change my mind
i feel write diary is something with meaning
so now
i gonna write my 1st diary!^^
ytd is my fren's birthday~12.oct
her name is Jc/holiday^^
she also just open new blog..wretch~
if got time go view her blog orh^^
when ytd 11.59pm..
i gv a comment to her blog..
to be the last 1 say happy birthday to her
coz i cant be the 1st..>.<
and i was wrote many thing..
but when i going to post..
my post gone!
after tat i nid to write agn..
i was wrote finish..
its too late ..
but i still cal she to view..
after she view..
she said she very gam dong..
but i really feel sry to her..
already late 4 min!!

ai~but nvm..
jia chi~
hope u happy everyday..^^
and i wan to say..
u really changed jor>.<
but u r my best fren
its never change!
we r best fren forever ever and ever